Preserving the buildings we love

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Preserving the buildings we love

About Histoglass


About Histoglass

We have been offering historically accurate thermal glazing since 2006.


Our products

We supply precision-engineered MONO single glazing and Thin Double Glazing systems for new and retrospective glazing incorporating historic glazing.

russian cottage sustainability

Protecting buildings we love

Sustainability matters to us. We’re a member of the UK Green Building Council. We’re into recycled packaging, energy re-use, and sustainability through durability.

technical documents

Initial Appraisal

Each project should be appraised for the correct system and glass type.

linseed oil painted door

Linseed oil paint

Forget everything you thought you knew about paint, because the linseed oil paint we recommend only needs light maintenance every 10 years and may never need repainting.