linseed oil painted door

Linseed oil paint

Linseed oil paint offers a superb period look for your timber window frames – but also requires virtually no maintenance, and may never need repainting. It protects both timber and glass, and avoids the cost of having to regularly repaint at height.

Histoglass recommends linseed oil paint from Brouns & Co for all paintwork on period windows. It’s suitable for use with both our Thin Double Glazing and MONO systems for replacement glazing on period properties.

Because you’ll almost never have to repaint, your windows will look as good in 25 years as the day they’re painted. The panes won’t gradually build-up the paint drips, smears or splashes associated with regular repainting. And that means not needing to scrape them off, which in turn means not damaging any specialist coatings on the window panes.

The benefits of linseed oil paint

  • It’s breathable, preventing trapped moisture, so the paint will never crack or split
  • It won’t need repainting for decades – if ever
  • Maintenance is just a rub-down with an oil-soaked rag every 10 years or so
  • Almost no primer or undercoat required for timber; only an iron oxide primer on metal
  • One version does all substrates: timber, metal, masonry and more
  • One version builds up additional coats to achieve matte, satin or gloss
  • Totally organic, no solvents
  • Fabulous period colour card
  • Highly cost-effective.

How to apply linseed oil paint to Thin Double Glazing

  • Paint the whole window frame, excluding rebates, with linseed oil paint
  • Prime the rebates with a high-quality oil-based paint (NOT linseed oil paint)
  • Ensure that the paint in the rebates is completely dry
  • Bed in the unit with Kawo Elastikitt putty, ensuring that the edge seal of the unit is completely enveloped
  • Allow 24-48 hours for the putty to dry
  • Paint the entire window – and the putty – with linseed oil paint.

These instructions are also available as a PDF showing the window profile.

More about linseed oil paint

Read all about linseed oil paint and its fantastic track record. Genuine Swedish linseed oil paint is available by mail order from Oricalcum, and is highly recommended for projects involving replacement glazing for period properties.