Preserving the buildings we love

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Preserving the buildings we love

MONO Systems

About MONO

MONO is unique: there’s just no other way to add significant thermal & acoustic benefits to single-glazed windows on historic buildings. It even fits narrow Georgian rebates.

The benefits

Our system offers a huge range of benefits, not least of which is that it doesn’t alter the aesthetic of a period property. No wonder it’s popular with many planning authorities.

Table of options

Click through for a useful table to help you select the right MONO system for your project, which will largely depend on the size of your rebate and your objectives.

MONO Laminate

Mono Laminate, at just 7-9mm thick, delivers outstanding thermal and sound insulation for single-glazed historic buildings. It also offers a very high level of safety & security.


Only 4mm thick, MONO RT+ is slim enough to fit even the narrowest rebates in Georgian buildings. It’s available in genuine hand-drawn glass, and you can even keep your sashes!

Example projects

Our MONO system can be fitted to a huge range of properties. Here are some example installations of this unique replacement single-glazing system for historic buildings.