About MONO single glazing

At last, a replacement single-glazing system for period windows which helps to prevent heat getting out and noise getting in. MONO was specifically developed to fit into rebates which are too narrow for (Thin) Double Glazing.

For our MONO Laminates we recommend bedding using Kawo Elastokitt. MONO RT+ can be installed using linseed putty.

The benefits

  • Great aesthetic – Modern single glazing, with a period look, can now replace inefficient panes
  • Thermal insulation – A U value of 3.6 (standard single glazing is 5.6 to 5.8)
  • Acoustic insulation – Sound insulation of up to 34dB
  • Planning – Planning authorities increasingly approve, or even insist upon, MONO glazing.

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Which MONO system to choose?

Projects tend to specify MONO RT+ unless there are particular reasons for choosing MONO Laminate. We’re here to help, so please talk to us. In the meantime, here are some pointers:

MONO RT+ MONO Laminate
A single pane of glass with a thermal coating A 3-layer laminate system
4mm thick (fits where MONO Laminate doesn’t) 8-9mm thick, depending on the glass chosen
Thermal insulation Ug value of 3.6 Thermal insulation Ug value of 3.6
Lower acoustic insulation Excellent insulation from noise (ideal for busy streets and/or ground floors) – 34dB
If security is important, other measures may be needed Very secure – window is difficult to smash
Only available in hand-drawn glass Available in hand-drawn glass, cylinder glass & float glass
Can be toughened on request Meets very high safety standards
So lightweight that existing sash mechanisms can be retained Check your existing pulleys & weights
Can be supplied as obscured glass. Can be supplied with an obscured pane.

Use our table of options to select the MONO units you need.

Specification & installation

  • For MONO, choose float glass, hand-drawn glass or cylinder glass.
  • MONO RT+ is available as hand drawn glass only, which can be toughened on request.
  • Care is needed during installation. The high Ug value on these units is achieved thanks to a hard coat on the inside, which can be damaged when in contact with certain materials, especially metal. Therefore, use only plastic putty knives or spatulas to reduce the risk of scratching the hard coat.
  • The hard coat surface should be installed facing into the room, with the label facing outside.
  • For our MONO Laminates we recommend bedding using Kawo Elastokitt. MONO RT+ can be installed using linseed putty.
  • Allow any spilled drops of paint to dry before removing with a plastic spatula.

Please review the technical documents relating to our MONO systems.

Care of MONO single-glazing systems

  • Use only regular domestic (non-industrial) cleaning products.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products or scouring pads.
  • Do not use mechanical cleaning; this causes black lines to occur on the glass, which cannot be removed.

Note that, when wet, MONO panes can show a rainbow effect. This is perfectly normal and will disappear once dry.

Would Thin Double Glazing be a better option?

Histoglass offers a superb range of slimline double-glazing units designed to fit the existing windows in period properties, from pre-Georgian through Victorian to twentieth-century buildings. Find out about Thin Double Glazing.