The benefits of MONO single glazing

If you want the benefits of double-glazing but can’t have it for technical or planning reasons, then MONO is the ideal solution. At 4mm thick, it’s so slim that it even fits in Georgian rebates.

Aesthetic benefits

With MONO, you can only improve the appearance of your historic property – because the single-glazed panes come in authentic period glass types. It’s better for the environment and it retains the visual appeal of the building. That’s why MONO often makes it much easier to get planning approval!


Energy benefits

While not every property can take double-glazing, we all want to be warmer in winter – and we want lower energy bills. Fortunately, even though it’s single glazing, MONO does all of this.


Acoustic benefits

Who would have thought a single pane of glass could insulate for sound up to 34dB? MONO provides superb acoustic insulation, which is perfect for historic buildings on noisy city streets.


Safety & security benefits

MONO Laminate is exactly that – a laminate. So it’s very hard to break, which means a real boost to your security – plus, it meets European safety standards. Our other product, MONO RT+, can be toughened on request.


Keep your existing sashes

MONO RT+ is so lightweight, you can keep your existing pulleys and weights.


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