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MONO Laminate replacement single glazing

MONO Laminate is a unique replacement glazing system for historic buildings, offering great acoustic & thermal insulation plus high levels of safety & security.

MONO Laminate has been developed to help overcome the difficulties associated with upgrading the insulation of period windows, including the more problematic Georgian windows.

Now interiors can be quieter, and will lose less energy, without diminishing the aesthetic appeal of the historic building’s exterior. Which means MONO Laminate can make it easier to get planning permission for your project.

Profile of Mono Laminate

You will receive a replacement single-glazing system which has been built up using:

  • An inner pane of float glass Link to page
  • A thin film providing acoustic and thermal insulation
  • An outer pane of your choice of float glass, hand-drawn glass or cylinder glass.
  • Standard UV-protection at 98-99%

The room-facing side also has a special thermal coating.

Mono Laminate technical specification

MONO Laminate Compared to standard single glazing
Thickness 7-9mm 3-5mm
Rebate size required 15-17mm deep
Thermal (Ug Value) 3.6 5.6-5.8
Acoustic (dB) 34dB N/A
Weight kg/m2 17.5-20 7.5-20
Safety versions available Laminated
Glass types available Clear float, hand-drawn, cylinder

Please review our technical documents relating to our MONO systems.

Specification & installation

  • For MONO, choose float glass, hand-drawn glass or cylinder glass.
  • MONO RT+ is available as float glass only, which can be toughened on request.
  • Care is needed during installation. The high Ug value on these units is achieved thanks to a hard coat on the inside, which can be damaged when in contact with certain materials, especially metal. Therefore, use only plastic putty knives or spatulas to reduce the risk of scratching the hard coat.
  • The hard coat surface should be installed facing into the room, with the label facing outside.
  • For our MONO Laminates we recommend bedding using Kawo Elastokitt. MONO RT+ can be installed using linseed putty.
  • Allow any spilled drops of paint to dry before removing with a plastic spatula.

Please review the technical documents relating to our MONO systems.

Maximum pane sizes

  • In hand-drawn glass: 1200x1500mm
  • In cylinder glass: 800x800mm
  • In float glass: 1200x2500mm.


Safety and MONO Laminate

The laminate which forms part of this single-gazing replacement window system is certified to:

  • Safety Pendulum Class 1B1 (BS EN 12600)
  • Safety P1A-P2A (BS EN 356).



We also offer MONO RT+, a single 4mm pane of genuine hand-drawn glass. This will always fit into the smallest rebates in period windows – and since it’s so lightweight, existing sash mechanisms can be retained.


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