MONO RT+ single glazing

A unique system for replacing single glazing on period properties. It’s so good, it’s recommended by planning authorities in even the most sensitive conservation areas.

MONO RT+ fits into even the narrowest window rebates, so it’s ideal for Georgian properties. It’s lightweight enough to allow the sash mechanisms to be retained, too. And even though it looks like the original glass, it reduces heat-loss and therefore cuts energy bills.

Profile of Mono RT+

MONO RT+ is supplied as a 4mm pane of genuine hand-drawn glass, suiting the aesthetic of the period. It has no edge seals and is installed in much the same way as conventional single glazing.

Mono RT+ technical specification

Mono RT+ Compared to standard single glazing
Thickness 4mm 3-5mm
Rebate size required fits any existing rebate fits any existing rebate
Thermal (Ug value) 3.6 5.6-5.8
Weight kg/m2 10 7.5-12.5
Safety versions available Can be toughened on request
Glass types available Hand-drawn glass

Please review our technical documents relating to our MONO systems.

Maximum pane sizes

Standard finish: 900x1500mm
Toughened finish: 900x1500mm
For panes larger than this, please contact us.


Installation & care of MONO RT+

There’s a specialist hard coat on MONO RT+ (which delivers its high Ug value), and this needs to be protected. Please see our advice on installing and clearing MONO RT+.


MONO Laminate

We also offer MONO Laminate, a heavier, more secure replacement single-glazing system built up from 3 specialist layers and available in a wider range of glass. This means it also has added acoustic benefits.


Histoglass Thin Double Glazing

We also supply ultra-slim replacement double glazing for historic buildings. Might your property be suitable for it?