mono single glazing queens house

Table of options: MONO single glazing

The table below will help you select the MONO single-glazing system which best suits your historic property, and there’s also guidance on how to choose the right period glass.

We offer 2 types of single-glazing system:

  • MONO Laminate – a laminate system available in float or period glass
  • MONO RT+ – a single pane of glass (hand-drawn glass only) with a thermal coating.
Rebate size required
Ug value
Approx weight kg/m2
Safety options Historic glass types available
Toughened Laminated Hand-
MONO Laminate Float glass 8-9
Hand-drawn 8-9
Cylinder 7-8
5x17mm 3.6 34dB Float glass 20
Hand-drawn 20
Cylinder 17.5
N Y* Y Y
MONO RT+ 4mm 5x12mm 3.6 10 On request N Y N
Standard single glazing 3-5mm 5x12mm 5.6-5.8 N/A 8-13mm

All toughened MONO RT+ glazing is supplied with a line stamp which will be covered by the rebate once installed. This is to keep the visual interference in existing windows as low as possible.

* Safety Pendulum Class 1B1 (BS EN 12600), Safety P1A-P2A (BS EN 356)

Glass options

A word about putty

For our MONO Laminates we recommend bedding using Kawo Elastokitt. MONO RT+ can be installed using linseed putty.


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