Preserving the buildings we love

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Preserving the buildings we love

Period glass

The benefits

A beautiful window restoration project demands the appropriate type of period glass. Ours is all totally authentic, made using traditional techniques. Beware of poor imitations.

Cylinder glass

Mouth-blown cylinder glass is ideal for properties dating from 1700-1860 (including Georgian and Victorian), and could make all the difference to obtaining planning permission.

Hand-drawn glass

Our hand-drawn glass is suitable for period properties built between about 1860 and 1920, spanning the Victorian, Edwardian and pre-WWI eras.

Machine-drawn glass

Still made according to the original Fourcault principle, our machine-drawn glass is suitable for more modern properties constructed between 1915 and 1960.

Float glass

Contemporary float glass offers a perfect mirror finish, and is ideal for certain applications on period buildings. Toughened or laminated safety variants are available.

Privacy glass

Privacy glass is float glass which has been acid-etched or sandblasted to assure privacy while also permitting the diffusion of light through the window pane.