obscured glass

Privacy glass

Privacy glass is float glass (modern glass) which has been treated so that it continues to diffuse light, but what can be seen through it is blurred or indistinct.

Also known as textured, diffused or privacy glass, contemporary privacy glass usually has a matte finish.

We supply a range of privacy glass for use in historic buildings. By far the most popular option is Satinato (matte-etched) glass, although historic privacy glass (such as cathedral glass) is available on request for larger projects.

Privacy glass can be used with our full range of Histoglass Thin Double Glazing and our MONO products.

Why use privacy glass?

Sample applications where obscured glass may be required include:

  • windows which directly overlook the street at ground level
  • bathroom windows
  • glass privacy panels between offices in a commercial space
  • in a large internal open space (eg a loft apartment) where light is required to reach the inner parts, but privacy partitions are also needed.


How does privacy glass work?

Privacy glass scatters the light as it crosses the pane, rendering it translucent. This still admits light, but blurs what can be seen through the window.


How is privacy glass made?

The most common option for achieving privacy is through a matte effect, derived from acid-etching or sandblasting.


What about safety features?

Privacy glass can be toughened or laminated for safety.