Preserving the buildings we love

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Preserving the buildings we love

Thin Double Glazing

About Thin Double Glazing

We make it possible to install beautiful double-glazing in your historic property without ruining its appearance or even replacing the windows!

The benefits

Now you can fit double-glazing to period windows, even into narrow original rebates. Beautiful aesthetics, great insulation – and usually a better chance of planning permission.

Table of options

This handy table will help you choose the right units for your project, according to factors such as thickness, spacer-bar size, rebate size, energy savings and acoustic levels.


Our ultra-slim Thin Double Glazing units measure just 10mm from inner to outer pane, offering the ultimate solution in replacement glazing for conservation areas.


At only 11mm thick, our HD11 Thin Double Glazing is ideal for restoring the windows in historic properties. Like all our double glazing, it complies with every part of BS EN 1279.


Our HD12 unit is just 12mm thick, and will be selected according to the size of your rebate. As with all our Thin Double Glazing, it carries a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.

HD13 & HD13/1.3

HD13 & HD13/1.3, both measuring 13mm thick, both offer exceptional thermal insulation (with U values at 1.5 and 1.3 respectively) plus noise reduction certified at 34dB.

Example projects

See for yourself where our Thin Double Glazing has been installed – from private homes to listed buildings and properties owned by English Heritage and The National Trust.