d10 thin double glazing

HD10: 10mm Thin Double Glazing

At just 10mm from inner pane to outer pane, Histoglass HD10 is our thinnest option: the ultimate in Thin Double Glazing for period buildings.

Despite its exquisitely thin profile, HD10 offers superior thermal and acoustic insulation compared to existing single glazing. It complies with all 6 parts of BS EN 1279, and carries a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty. Read more about the benefits of Histoglass Thin Double Glazing.

Histoglass HD10 is ideal for use in the most architecturally sensitive areas, where the most stringent planning rules apply. It is suitable for a wide range of periods, from the 1960s all the way back to listed buildings from the Victorian, Georgian and even earlier periods. This 10mm version cannot be supplied with 4mm toughened or laminate glass as those glass types are not available in 3mm.

Thermal Insulation

Histoglass HD10 Thin Double Glazing offers a decrease in energy loss of around 67% compared to single glazing:

Ug (W/m2K)
Histoglass HD10 1.9
Single glazing 5.8


Technical information

Inner pane: 3mm Low-E float
Cavity/spacer bar 4mm (gas-filled)
Outer pane 3mm
Ug 1.9 (W/m2K)
Weight 15kg/m2

Review our technical documents relating to Thin Double Glazing. Please note that having your glass toughened will slightly increase thickness and may, therefore, not be 10mm overall anymore and become HD10/11.


Maximum pane sizes

Square 900x900mm
Rectangular 700x1100mm
Except that the maximum size for any pane made from cylinder glass is 800x800mm.


Glass types

  • The inner (interior) pane is always float glass with a low-emissivity coating.
  • The outer (exterior) pane can be chosen from float glass or any of our historic glass types
  • Both inner and outer panes can be specified as toughened and laminated glass, depending on the glass type.
  • Toughened glass is always 4mm thick, so it will affect your unit’s thickness.


Rebate depths

  • For new frames, the optimal depth of the rebate is 19 mm and the overall width of the glazing bar should be 24mm.
  • See HD10’s optimal dimensions
  • For clearance, we recommend 1.5mm on all 4 sides (so 3mm in both the width and height)
  • Create an additional seal by allowing the paint to overlap onto the glass by 1-2mm.


Specification & installation

  • To maintain our 7-year warranty, we supply Kawo Elastokitt bedding compound with all our glazing orders. Whilst this can also be used as a putty finish, we recommend linseed putty / glazing bead to achieve a more traditional look and feel.
  • Within the thin double glazing units, the aluminium spacer bar is supplied as standard in either black or white. However, to match your window frames, we can supply other RAL colours on request for an additional charge.

HD10 still not suitable?

Most period windows can take Histoglass Thin Double Glazing. However, if yours won’t, our MONO system provides replacement single glazing with significant advantages over the original glass. It’s available in a range of genuine period glass types, and still offers a considerable reductions in noise and energy loss.