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Table of options: Thin Double Glazing

The table below will help you to choose the right replacement glazing for your period property, according to the size of your rebates and your planning requirements.

We offer 4 standard Thin Double Glazing products, each prefixed with ‘HD’. These are HD10, HD11, HD12 and HD13. The number after the HD refers to the thickness of the standard build-up for the unit (although this may vary; for example, if you choose to have toughened glass).

  • The bigger the cavity, the better the thermal insulation (ie 6mm spacer bar systems have a better performance compared to 4mm spacer bars)
  • Improved acoustic performance is possible with our HD11 and HD13 systems.

Beneath the table, you’ll also find our guidance on choosing your glass, spacer-bar colours and bedding compound.

Thin Double Glazing

Minimum thickness
Spacer bar thickness
Rebate size required
width/height x depth
U value
Weight kg/m2*
Safety options
(all inner panes; outer panes if selected)
Historic glass types available**
(for outer panes only)
Clear float Toughened Laminated Machine-drawn Hand-drawn Cylinder
HD10 10mm 3-4-3mm 4mm 10x19mm 1.9 15 Y Y Y Y Y Y
HD11 10mm 3-4-3mm 4mm 10x19mm 1.9 15 Y Y Y Y Y Y
HD11A 11mm 3-4-4mm 4mm 10x20mm 1.9 34dB 17.5 Y Y Y*** Y Y Y
HD12 12mm 3-6-3mm 6mm 10x21mm 1.5 15 Y Y Y Y Y Y
HD13 13mm 3-6-4mm 6mm 10x22mm 1.5 17.5 Y Y Y Y Y Y
HD13/1.3 13mm 3-7-3mm 7mm 10x23mm 1.3 15 Y Y Y Y Y Y

* toughened or laminated glass can be heavier.
** In historic glass type options, only Cylinder glass cannot be toughened

*** Outer pane always laminated

Glass options

  • Choose the glass types you want for the outer panes on each unit. Outer (external) panes can be any type of glass, including period glass.
  • All inner panes are made of float glass, and come with a microscopically thin ‘low-E’ (low-emissivity) coating, reducing radiant heat loss. This is a soft coat and always faces the cavity, never the room.
  • Any float glass, whether as an outer or inner pane, can be toughened or laminated to order. Toughened glass breaks into small, safe pieces; laminated glass will shatter, but won’t break up (think car windscreens).
  • Machine Drawn and Cylinder glass cannot be toughened.
  • Float glass can be clear or obscured for privacy purposes.

Please note that toughened glass may affect your unit’s overall thickness. Toughened glass is generally 4mm (not 3mm), so an HD10/11 system with toughened inner and outer panes becomes 4-4-4 (12mm overall) rather than the usual 3-4-3 (10mm overall) or 3-4-4 (11mm overall). For larger projects, we can supply 3mm toughened glass at an additional cost.


Spacer Bar Colour options

Within the thin double glazing units, the aluminium spacer bar is supplied as standard in either black or white. However, to match your window frames, we can supply other RAL colours on request for an additional charge. with the aluminium spacer bar is supplied as standard in either black, we can supply other RAL colours on request for an additional charge.


A word about bedding compound and putty

To maintain our 7-year warranty, we supply Kawo Elastokitt bedding compound with all our glazing orders. Whilst this can be used as a finish, we recommend linseed putty / glazing bead to achieve a more traditional look and feel.


Thin Double Glazing not possible?

If Thin Double Glazing can’t be fitted to your windows for whatever reason, our MONO single-glazing range comes in a variety of authentic period glass types and delivers remarkable thermal and acoustic insulation benefits.