russian cottage sustainability


Histoglass is a member of the UK Green Building Council and we care deeply about sustainability.

Histoglass deals with period buildings, so we believe that inspiration can be found in the resilience of traditional building materials.

Together with our manufacturers and their suppliers, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re tired of the ‘throwaway culture’ in which even substantial capital purchases are expected to have a limited lifespan: 85% of manufactured items quickly become waste.

Sustainability through durability

Whenever a product fails and needs replacing, there’s an environmental cost in manufacturing and transporting a new one. However, our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, which means they stand the test of time.

For example, there’s never been a single failure in our Thin Double Glazing units, even though they’ve been installed for over 25 years across Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Beware of inferior, cheaper products without test data to support their lifespan claims.

Sustainability in manufacture

Depending on the system, our products are manufactured for us in Germany and the UK. The factory uses only green energy, and they re-use the heat from their kilns to reheat their buildings.

Sustainability in transport

We use a groupage haulier to bring our glazing units by road from the factory in Germany to your site. At first glance, that might seem like a high environmental cost. However:

  • We believe it’s outweighed by the superior manufacturing at the German plant – since no units have ever failed, only one trip is ever needed per unit.
  • It’s not really that far away: the factory in Germany is considerably closer to London than Glasgow is, for example.

Sustainability in packaging

  • We only use fully recyclable packaging
  • And we recycle most of it!