Thin double glazing, london townhouse

About Histoglass Thin Double Glazing

Now you can install beautiful double-glazing in your period property without ruining its appearance or even replacing the windows.

Histoglass Thin Double Glazing can be installed into existing timber and metal window frames without altering the fine detailing of the glazing bars. It’s available in a variety of period glass types to suit the age of a building, from pre-Georgian through Victorian to modern. It also comes in a range of thicknesses – each with different thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

The benefits

You can read more about the benefits of our Thin Double Glazing, but in brief:

Good looks – Designed never to stand out as modern
Planning – Planning authorities increasingly approve, or even specify, our glazing systems
Longevity – There’s never been a single failed Thin Double Glazing unit in 35 years
Technical superiority – German precision engineering plus full compliance with BS EN 1279
Excellent insulation – Delivering U values of 1.9 to 1.3 and sound insulation up to 34dB
Guaranteed – Protected by a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We don’t use warm-edge technology

Warm-edge technology is now standard for conventional double glazing, where the 18mm edge seal can be hidden within large rebates. But that simply isn’t an option for historic windows, because the perimeter seal needs to be much smaller. So we use a highly effective primary seal to adhere the 2 panes of glass to the aluminium spacer bar, with a secondary (perimeter) seal of just 7-8mm thick to make sure the unit retains its gas.

Thin double glazing - detailed diagram

There’s no cold bridge

Aluminium and glass both have relatively high levels of conductivity. So if the aluminium spacer bar were to touch the glass directly, it would create a cold bridge. However, this doesn’t happen because of our primary seal, whose thermal conductivity is so negligible that the cold-bridge effect is also negligible.

Specification & installation

Our table of options will help you to configure the units you need.

For the outer pane, choose from our section of period glass types.

We recommend installation using putty to obtain the look of single-glazed units. We supply a specially developed, non-linseed based sealant and putty for the installation of the units to guarantee the highest possible quality.

We supply our aluminium spacer bars (profiles) in either black or white. However, for an additional charge, you can order them in any RAL colour to match your window frames’ paintwork.